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This is the blog of Norbert Miskei, photographer, web designer, graphic designer etc. in Domažlice, Czech Republic. I don’t (never did really) try to be super serious but I hope I’ll be able to come up with something useful every now and then. If you can benefit from reading me in any way I will be only happy. I will be sharing some more or less useful tips on photography, graphic design, web design, SEO, marketing and other exciting stuff, news regarding my activities or just some things I find interesting. Hell, I might even play you some rumba.

In case you were looking for my old website you can find it under Portfolio, but please know that it’s not being updated.

If you want to hire me for a project, well, generally I am not available right now, but call me anyway, see what we can do.


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Norbert Miskei photographer is back in business again from 2016
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