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NOV 22 2013

1 Trend That Litters The Internet


10 Professional-Looking and High Quality Fonts for Web Designers,
10 Beautiful Home Office Setups for Your Insipiration,
4 World-Changing Products Dreamed Up by Bill Gates,
9 Books to Help You Create a Career or Business on Your Own Terms.

Titles like that are everywhere on the internet. It seems like this is a project in some SEO copywriting school that everybody has to complete as a test. Because journalistically it is a piece of crap. The goal here is to get in the maximum amount of clicks and after finding out by the end of the first paragraph that it’s worth jack for reading, leave through an ad link that is served for you conveniently right about there.

Another reason could be that one’s blog must go on. Oh, I have no idea what to write. I copy together a couple of things that are very related to my topic until I actually come up with something. I would not like to discredit anybody so let’s stick to the SEO standpoint.

What is the most valuable part of a page? Yes, the title. Pack it up with related keywords and you are going up in the search results. Just in case you’d be sorted somewhere alphabetically the number as the beginning surely helps. Even if it’s 9. Then you have the headings. Obviously the main heading (h1) would be the same as the title or very similar, then you will have as many h2 headers as the number indicates packed with more key phrases related to the title. Here and there a picture linking somewhere with the title and the alt tag carefully filled out. And we haven’t mentioned the body text, the page description, og tags, outgoing link titles and what not. Shared on whatever social networks and bookmarking sites there is with the perfect text. The success in the rankings is guaranteed.

The post will be loved by robots. But what about humans? I love SEO and I appreciate the good work put in but come on, what about some value and dignity?

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