DEC 26 2016

Additional Features for 32 and 33 Series Noritsu Minilabs Salvage

Noritsu computer upgrades from Nemotech 1. Compact Archive Unit. The addition can be implemented on a 32 and 33 series Noritsu minilab. It automatically saves a copy of every order made on the machine with all fixes and corrections remembered. The copies are stored on an additional HDD disk until the end of the capacity, then old copies will deleted. (On average files are stored for over six months). This useful feature allows you to make another copy of the prints very quickly by finding old order in main the software by couple of criteria (time, amount of picture, channel). Reprints of for example of 300 pictures is done without making correction just by a click of a button. There is a new mark activated for this feature in the main software.

2. Order Controller Software. The addition extends the original functions allowing full management of printing orders. Having this functionality we can prepare new orders using any channel (paper magazine) during making another order. (normally we can’t create new order because the main software stops and warns to change the paper magazine if different) We can also suspend or stop any production and resume it later. For example we do a big production of 300 pictures and in the middle it is necessary to quickly print some other pictures we can suspend the actual production, do the other order and then resume the original production. For another example when we do a big production and it comes to the end of the working day we can suspend it, close down the machine and resume the order the next working day or later. There is a new mark activated for this feature in the main software.

3. Extension of Production Ability For models of Noritsu 3201, 3211, 3301, 3311, 3201SD and 3301SD. It is possible to increase the production output volume of the minilab without changing any parts. It means that after upgrading your minilab will work faster with each print size. For example the printing spead for 10″x15″ size will change from 900/hour to 1200/hour.



4. Advanced Correction Software

Scene Correction Software – 9 automatic sets of corrections
Tone Curve Correction Software – advanced correction of RGB
Spot Correction Software – removing spots
Cross Filter Software – additional light effects
Soft Filter Software – softening effect (for example for children photos)
Lens Aberration Software – removing aberration defects

There are a lot of options to this one. You can get any or all of these upgrades. Please let us know which one you would be interested in when you inquire for a quote.

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