fuji fa 140 minilab
DEC 26 2016

Anyone Interested In A Fuji FA 140 Minilab?

goprophoto.eu Salvage

My FA 140/1040B minilab and his mate FP 350 is for sale together, separate or even by parts. It wasn’t in use anyway for years, just taking up space and dust.

Fuji FA 140 minilab Fuji FP 350 Film Processor

I’ve bought it on the Ebay from Toronto, Canada and it never worked since. If you are thinking about doing the same email me and I’ll tell you who was the seller so you don’t end up like me.

If you want them in one piece step up soon before I sell the parts. Otherwise everything must go. Paper magazines, racks, bellows, lenses, pumps, pipes, boards, casing, simply everything.

Email me (you can use the site’s contact form if you are not registered) with the part number or description you need and I will check if I still have it. We agree on the price, you pay and I will dismantle and mail it to you.

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