DEC 26 2016

Computer Upgrade in Kodak Picture Maker G3 kiosks Salvage

Kodak Kiosk upgrades from Nemotech This offer refers to a “Self-Install Kit”.

Many of the G3 kiosks from Kodak work way too slow and not adequate to the customers picture size. It is caused by poor inside computer. After upgrading the inside computer your G3 kiosk will work faster then new generation of G4 kiosks. Moreover it will work under G4 main software (including the newest 2.0 version of software).

NemoTECH company provides upgrades of Kodak Picture Maker G3 kiosks. Modification refers to the upgrade of the internal computer in the kiosk. Within the service the internal components are replaced: mainboard, processor, memory modules, HDD disk, DVD device. The product works under all software designed for G3 kiosks as well as for G4 kiosks.

The service in these machines increases the computing speed of the kiosk several times and makes it working faster and comfortably for the clients. Each owner is given a new “Nemotech Recovery DVD” which allows self-installing of all software in the future.

Parameters of new computer:

processor Intel Core 2 Duo
mainboard with Intel chipset
memory 2GB DDRII dual channel
hard disk 250GB SATAII
new DVD-RW
The installed equipment is obtained with a 36 months warranty!
The kit can be also installed by a Nemotech specialist.

It is also possible to order already upgraded Kodak Picture Maker G3 kiosks as well as trading in used or broken ones. Please inquire if you need more info on these options.

Email me for pricing or more info.

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