DEC 26 2016

Computer Upgrade in Noritsu Minilabs Salvage

Noritsu computer upgrades by NemotechThis computer upgrade service aims to speed up slow internal computers in Noritsu minilabs. Your machine gets new computing power that will allow you to work faster and more efficiently.

The upgrade can be carrier out on the following Noritsu models: QSS 2901, 3000, 3001, 3011, 3101, 3012, 3201, 3201SD, 3201SD, 3203SD, 3211, 3212, 3213, 3300, 3301, 3301SD, 3302, 3311, 3312 and others.

This offer is full service, it means: you order – we reach your place and do the whole job.

Instead of the old unit a new deck computer with high computing speed is installed and adopted. Additionally, the operating software is reinstalled as well as all programs previously existing on the machine e.g. Main System Software QSS, Profile Data, Digital Ice, Multi-Frame Print and others depending on the machine and the additional software that was purchased for it. During the service all former set-ups and configurations are restored including working parameters of the machine, LAN settings, labels, multimedia readers and optical drivers. The general assumption is to restore the previous, original working environment of the machine before the upgrades. The computer’s units that are dissembled from the machine i.e. main-board, processor, operating memory and hard disks remain the customer’s property.

The service is conducted by NemoTECH engineers in customer’s seat; the time of service is estimated roughly 6 hours. The time and date of the upgrade is adjusted according to the customer’s plant’s working hours and therefore does not interfere with the plant’s work. The upgrade of the deck computer in these machines increases the computing speed of the minilab several times. The service improves the machine’s performance and simultaneously increases the comfort and effectiveness of the work. Every owner is given a new “Nemotech Recovery Disk” that allows service technicians or the owner to reinstall all software in the similar way as in the original state of the machine.

Parameters of the new computer:

processor Intel Core 2 Duo E8 series
mainboard with Intel chipset
memory 4GB DDRII dual channel
hard disk 500GB SATAII
new DVD-RW Device
new Card Reader
USB port 2.0
The installed equipment is obtained with a 36 months warranty!

Email me for pricing or more info.

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